Coping with Childhood Anxiety: Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Check out my latest blog post on supporting children with anxiety! Learn about common signs of anxiety in children, practical tips for parents and caregivers, and how to create a supportive environment for your child’s emotional well-being. Need more for your child check out my latest book Brave Kids, Strong Hearts.

Teaching Kids to Manage Their Emotions

This article, written by the author, helps an adult learn techniques to guide a child through the grief process. Utilizing this article along with reading the book “My Little Heart is Sad” to your child can help them understand their feelings. To take this a step further, you can add “Remembering You: A Grief Journal for Kids.” This is a great activity book to help your child heal and remember their loved one.

Children with poor hydration can be impaired-this includes brain function!

Could Hydration Be Affecting Reading Ability?

This article, written by the author, explores the relationship between hydration and cognitive functioning in children. It discusses the potential adverse effects of dehydration on a child’s ability to concentrate, think clearly, and perform well academically. The article provides tips for parents to ensure their child stays hydrated to optimize cognitive functioning.