Children’s Books

Children’s book on anxiety – teaches important life skills to conquer anxiety and learn to be strong “Brave Kids, Strong Hearts.” Enjoy the heartwarming stories as each child overcomes their fears.
A story to help children manage their grief – life is hard, even children grieve. Help them learn Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief in ways they can understand. A perfect aid to help kids heal.

My Grandma is Old is a heartwarming and whimsical exploration of a child’s curiosity about age. Join the young protagonist as they playfully inquire about their grandma’s age, receiving charming and imaginative responses. Through this delightful journey, readers of all ages will discover that the love between generations transcends the bounds of time. This endearing story celebrates the special bond between grandchildren and grandparents, reminding us that love knows no age. “My Grandma is Old” is a perfect addition to any family’s bookshelf, offering laughter, love, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be older.